You probably know Snootlab for its shields and all its actions in the Arduino ecosystem, but you don’t know everything ! We are also working on other activites and especially on what we are going to present you today : the SRE (Snootlab Range Extender).

The growth of the Internet traffic – videos, photos or files exchange – involves that the Internet Exchange, network connection nodes in other words, have to pass from a 10 Gb optical fiber to a 100 Gb. The 100Gb optical fiber presents a strong attenuation which not allows to go over 10 km.

AMS-IX, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, one of the larger Internet Exchange nodes in Europe, asks us to develop a signal amplification system on 100 Gb Ethernet optical fiber to go over the physical boundary of the 10 km surmontaible distance in order to reach the 40 km.

Thus, based on Arduino’s cards and on semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs), we have developed a professional signal amplifier equipment on 100Gb Ethernet optical fiber. This will allow the utilization of 40km fibers.

This 100% Snootlab system has been set up at AMS-IX since 2013.

As part of our Open Source Hardware approach, the chassis and the management part will be released under a free licence at the end of 2014 so as to create an ecosystem and a standard for professional applications such as energetic monitoring in data centers.

Stay tuned…!

Snootlab Range Extender (SRE)

The SRE – Photo credit : Snootlab