Akeru est certifiée SIGFOX Ready !

Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer que notre carte Akeru ß3.2 est maintenant certifiée SIGFOX Ready !

Logo SIGFOX Ready

La carte est classe zéro (soit la meilleure) avec l’antenne demi-onde (celle fournie dans le kit) lorsque la carte est posée sur une table et l’antenne verticale.

On vous donne la conclusion complète du rapport pour plus de détails.

Following measurements of the device we can establish the the device is Sigfox Qualified as Class 0U because of it maximum radiation value measured at 13.18dBm.
Remark 1: The ½ Wave antenna provided is reduced than the classical ½ wave length and it gain is not 0dBd but ~-2dBd, it’s not an issue, but to be known.
Remark 2: This product is a developpement product dedicated to programmers and for fast prototyping. It will be sell to many and many people that are not automaticly aware of Radio technologies and radio performances, so, antenna system is very important to procure good performances on the network.
Radio consideration advices should be noted in the user manual as for instance :
– to put the antenna in vertical polarization during usage to have best performances.
– Do not place too close to metallic surfaces (minimum few tens of cm of metallic surfaces to be in good conditions)
– For firsts radio link tests, put the device in outdoor or indoor near to the windows situations in order to maximize the chance to be received by the network and to have good quality links ; during next steps, after first successfull testing, user can increase difficulty and move to final application.
Remark 3: To provide ½ Wave antenna is good idea, much better than provide a ¼ wave antenna with the developpement kit, because Akeru shall be a reference for developpers and as the product is not in a case the antenna system can be altered by nearest environment. (1/4 wave antenna is very sensitive and as the usage depend on final developpers, can be placed near to other component that will cause lack of performance (not well known environement))

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